By joining EC, you will have the opportunity to network and create relationshipswith other motivated entrepreneurs.

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We are a community of forward-thinking entrepreneurs dedicated to enhancing and promoting business relationships through shared strategy and mastermind. Our community shares business insights, growth strategies, and support. We guide your journey every step of the way, so you can get the opportunity to make the best-qualified decisions for you and your business.


    An important part of our group is to form relationships with one another. From such a trust grow other opportunities that enrich both our business and our personal lives.

    Helping each other promote and grow our business and feel comfortable and secure to recommend members to outside circles, to family and friends, has brought growth and recognition to the group at large and to individual members.


    Here at Entrepreneurs’ Connection, we want to give back to our community. We think it is beneficial to do community outreach and our members are encouraged to join us in this.

    We have created and donated a beautiful garden to the City of Reading, added seasonal planters in front of the library and the south fifth street neighborhood, built a lovely park for residents of Reading to enjoy the outdoors, and we plan to do more in the upcoming months and years.


    Our presentations highlight members’ expertise and facilitate our ability to capably introduce each other’s business, which is an important element to introduce members to those who may need their services.


    As an important part of our group’s mission, Business to Business referrals and new ventures among members occur as a natural outcome of the relationships we form. There is nothing contrived in our interactions, we meet each other at face value, creating a friendly basis for interesting exchanges.


    We encourage all members to seek introductory meetings with one another. If you need a more private setting to discuss business or get advice, you can also set up a one-on-one meeting with an advisory council member. Such meetings offer us unique opportunities to share who we are and how we can benefit from one another.


    Our mastermind sessions are some of our favorite meetings. They are shaped by candor, exchanging knowledge and ideas, and giving the member in the 'hot seat' the opportunity for open and constructive input into their challenges and questions. You walk away with input and new tweaks on how to expand and grow your business.


    Everyone who has attended our meetings has commented on the friendly and open atmosphere. As an established group, we trust that we are heard and accepted by other members. Such a climate is rare and contributes greatly to each members personal growth and expansion of skillsets.