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EC fosters real relationships among its members  from which naturally flow referrals and joint projects. We do this without pretense and compettition.

Reading’s Rising at the Park

On Thursday, September 27th, we're celebrating at the park with many of Reading's best. You are welcome to join us! Celebrating and honoring Douglas Fisher whose spirited heart was vested in improving Reading and expanding on the many beautiful natural resources our...

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EC is growing, increasing the value to our members

There is some great news! For the past 3 months the group leadership have been working on offering new services and outreach options to our members.  Inviting current, past and future entrepreneurs from small to medium/large businesses to to stand with us for the...

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EC Launches FastTrac® Training for Entrepreneurs

Individuals looking to start their own business take note: begin your self-employment journey the right way by enrolling in the Reading-based Entrepreneurs’ Connection (EC) 10-week entrepreneurial training program. EC is a Kauffman FastTrac® Affiliate. The highly...

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Spring at Reading Rising Park

So exciting, We completed our most ambitious project to date: the Reading Rising Park. Spring is almost here. Bulbs and fresh green sprouts are popping up to the delight of all who pass by.  In February we picked the only sunny and warm day to have a celebration party...

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Welcome To The New EC Website

Hello and welcome to the new EC website. I added a couple features into this website. A community forum will allow us to have discussions and share ideas easily and digitally, user account and profiles to streamline the membership process and management of member...

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EC: Connecting our Community

Entrepreneurs' Connection entering its 12th year is proud of what we have accomplished within our group and for the many budding and established entrepreneurs who attended our meetings. With a unique philosophy of choosing relationship over strict business referrals,...

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Invitation to Blogging

Welcome to our new EC website! We're glad you are visiting. At this time we invite all our members to participate in blogging in the spirit of sharing their expertise and knowledge in their industries. Our membership is rich in experience and know how. By expressing...

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EC fosters real relationships among its members  from which naturally flow referrals and joint projects. We do this withot pretense and compettition.