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Healthy relationships make for good business

A Message From Our President

We come together on a weekly basis to get better at who we are and what we do. Our three pronged approach forms the basis upon which EC operates. An important part of our group is to form relationshps with one another. From such a trust grow other opportunities that enrich both our business and our personal lives. Helping each other promote and grow our business and feel comforable and secure to recommend members to outside circles, to family and friends, has brought growth and recognition to the group at large and to individual members.

Our mastermind sessions help fine tune issues and questions that occupy many entrepreneurs. To have over a dozen busienss people hear our questions and problems leads to greater busienss savvy and more clarity for all.

EC’s outreach projects, focused on urban greening, are intended to promote peace and offer beautification where there was none. Making darker places bright with natural means, maintaining such places and adding seasonal appeal to them has brought much delight and visual pleasure to the community.

Advisory Council

Made up of EC’s officers and committee chairs, the AC governs the group’s actitvities, agendas as well as writes and administers EC’s policies, by laws and financial responsibilities

Active Members

Membership in EC  are listed below with business and contact information. Feel free to connect with us at your convenience or join us for one of our weekly Thursday meetings.

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