Henriette Alban ND

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy

Helping you reach your full potential

The world needs your Light and your Gifts. When Love and Acceptance radiate out into the world, they come back to us. Humanity Evolving!

My Story


 Hello, I’m Henriette Alban, owner of Living in Balance. It has been my life’s work to assist people to find healing from their chronic pain, stress and emotional burdens.

Living in Balance empowers you to follow your dreams, to stand up for what you believe is true and right for you in all areas of your life and to practice open hearted self care. Learning the benefits of seeing ourselves as whole beings of body mind and spirit, we can guide our life and that of our children to the highest potential. This is how we all serve each other and the world we live in.

 What People Say:
Intelligent, knowledgeable, intuitive, compassionate, competent, direct, deeply vested in people’s wellbeing to help them facilitate their personal and professional growth.

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My Values & Beliefs

Work history:

Self employed since 1989 in the Wellness Industry.
Prior corporate experience in Zurich and New York NY: International Art and Trade, Banking, Cosmetics, Personal Development, Holistic Health

Doctor of Naturopathy – In private practice since 1997 in Maryland and Pennsylvania, international clientele.
Founding member of Entrepreneurs’ Connection


– Counseling individuals for personal growth and business success
– Natural Health and Healing, including emotional trauma release
– Talks, classes, workshops, educating the community
– Garden Design, urban greening and building small parks


Born and raised in Switzerland
Bachelor of Business from Switzerland

Languages: German, English, French
Living in the US since 1977 in various locations

My Approach

Physiologically, your body has the innate ability to heal itself when given the right directions and support. To do that we honor your wholeness – time and experience have shown that this is the only effective model, and it is how we at Living in Balance approach all our consultations. 

 Shedding outdated beliefs and habits we come to see ourselves as more whole and complete.

We all want to be in harmony within ourselves, to let go of the past, to be productive and to feel good within our body.

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