RRPark complete .jpeg


Started in 2011 as an idea, Reading Rising Park on 2nd and Franklin Streets was fully completed in 2018. We are happy to report a thriving successful garden in the middle of busy roads – an inviting gateway into the City of Reading.  


This professionally designed park continues to delight people with its seasonal colorful blooms and an ever changing attractive landscape. Whether for a peaceful stroll or to stop for a meditation on our bench, behind the artist designed and built gate,  or playing a game of chess with friends, this garden invites you to linger and enjoy a quiet moment in your busy day.


Today, in Winter of 2021, the park is gently asleep, and with Spring not far away, it will provide once more a refreshing invitation to come, sit and enjoy.


Reading Rising Park is open for events, celebrations of music, performances and more. We enjoy hosting other groups. For more information please contact Henriette, nd@henriettealban.com

Park area in 2011
First cleanup crew
Leveling out
Prepping for chess table
Park Project Complete
Landscape of Park