EC Community Outreach

The Community gives to us, and we want to give back. We have made urban greening our mandate. Check out the beautification of our previous proejcts.

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Community Outreach

Our outreach projects have focused on urban greening. We created and donated a lovely garden to the City of Reading. It’s located alongside the parking lot of the main library on Franklin Street in Reading. This was preceeded by seasonal planters in front of the library and the S. 5th Street neighborhood.  EC members continue to maintain all previous projects.

We are about to unveil our most ambitious project: Reading Rising Park, at the corner of Franklin and 2nd Streets. A private/public collaboration, extensive in its reach and restful in its purpose.  For a mediative quiet time out, a game of chess, or a lunch break with a friend,  visit the park across the street from the Reading Area Community College.

Reading Rising Park

The prettiest park in the area, we are proud to present this gift to the City of Reading. Visit us often at 2nd and Franklin St. Have a game of chess.

See Our Past Projects

EC’s outreach projects have focused on urban greening and the beautification of The Greater Reading Area.

Planters on S. 5 St. Reading

Beautification in the historic district adds to the downtown appeal.

Main Library Planters

Seasonally attractive, we continue to maintain the RPL’s planters

Library parking garden since 2008

From an empty lot we created a four season garden to al lto enjoy.

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