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A place where people grow their business and hone their skill sets. Member introductions, presentations, masterminds, and quarterly state of your business meetings are excellent tools to promote your business.


To be an EC member requires active participation in the group be that in fulfillment of officer or chair duties or by actively contributing to our outreach projects. 

EC asks that members:


Reduce pretense and competitiveness

Sustain positive energy, trust and goodwill

Maintain high moral, ethical and integrity standards

Demonstrate genuine mutual interest and concern

Openly share opportunities, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses

Contribute frank, diplomatic insight regarding members’ personal and business issues

Help members expand business relationships

Give back through acts of community service.

Name, Title

"The value we bring is experience, collaboration, and expertise to anyone who wants it." - Chuck Holder, President of Entrepreneurs' Connection 

EC is focused on creating relationships among its members to benefit each other and our communities. We enjoy giving back and to create new business opportunities that arise naturally among members. A strong core of long time members keeps the dream alive.

Dedication and commitment of core members forge a unique philosophy that resonates with the business community near and far. 


We seek to create meaningful relationships among members.

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